Dettagli del prodotto Marca Schott … Shop our selection of Schott today! Description. order, the sales contract may be terminated and the buyer reimbursed. I measured myself, and my chest is a 44 (45 with a full breath of air). Vintage Schott Bros Northern Goose Down Jacket XL ... Schott size 42 black motorcycle jacket. While the traditional, heavyweight steerhide is a commitment analogous to marriage, the horsehide is like joining a monastery—and loving a challenge I naturally prefer the latter. The salesman thought this 46 looked better on me, and it did fit better with a sweatshirt underneath. Once a symbol of anti-establishment, now a classic icon of craftsmanship, the Perfecto® 618 radiates attitude and undeniable cool. As worn by Marlon Brando during the 1954 cult movie classic, "The Wild One". Beware of imported imitators! Schott NYC - creators of the most imitated Motorcycle Jacket on the planet! The Schott Perfecto 618 jacket is the real deal. Deliveries are made to the address indicated in the order form which can only be in the agreed geographical area. 14. Neck label is rectangular, creme white with bull in upper left corner, Perfecto in yellow diagonal stripe and by Schott Bros. in lower right corner. But, the 44 fit pretty good with a t-shirt, but was tight with a sweatshirt. Schott × Schott Perfecto Gray 618 Leather Jacket 36 RARE Size: US S / EU 44-46 / 1 Color: Grey Condition: Used $359 $399 Here we have a truly stunning piece by Schott in their classic 618 perfecto model. $350 $0 Size: 42 Schott NYC zoe_posh_shop. Schott's iconic motorcycle jackets are the Perfecto 618 and 118. Schott 618 vs 618HH: What’s the difference? The classic Schott 618 Perfecto® Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the original that defined the standard. We’ve got Schott outerwear starting at $359 and plenty of other outerwear. The jacket has an amazing overall appearance & the leather is in great overall condition. 4. Schott Perfecto 618 $550 $850 Size: 38 Schott NYC joejmcgonigle. Small white size tag with red letters directly to the right of neck label. 4. Labelled Size: 46 Long (intended snug style). Delivery times are only indicative; if they exceed thirty days from the date of delivery. The 618 is offered in two builds: heavy and heavier. Based on the barcode 6303007006 and the 5th digit representing the year, the jacket may be from 2000 or 2010. Each individual rider-inspired jacket starts with US-sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight 3 to 3.5-oz steerhide leather for long-lasting durability. Based on your height and chest size the 44 is your correct size. Jackets are made out of steerhide (613/618) and naked cowhide (118, introduced in 1977). Let's dig in and explore how Schott transforms a piece of hide into a functional … A small army of craftsmen (and women) devote themselves to individual steps of the process, and the end result is a garment that nails the details and is built like a tank. What do you think of the fit of this brand new size 46 Schott 118? This genuine leather motorcycle jacket is made from hand-cut steerhide leather. 6. In either year the specs would be the same, a long is 2" longer in back length and 1" longer in the sleeve than a regular.