JBL Century L100 Restoration. Over the years, the L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL’s history. Great audio models, just like the most exceptional music, can be experienced but not wholly explained. System Type: 3-way Bookshelf Loudspeaker Tweeter: 1-inch Titanium dome with soft surround (JT025TI1-4) Midrange: 5 1/4 inch Polymer-coated, Pure Pulp cone (105H-1) Woofer: 12 inch Pure Pulp cone (JW300PW-8) … If you need to ask the question “which is sonically better?” you have my condolence, but not my respect. Transparency or maybe timing? Add to these musical qualities, the L100's ability to “disappear” even used in a modestly sized room, and you're some of the way to sussing out why I didn't want to give up my review pair. Browse all Hardware Ads; Browse categories; Software . Gear both vintage and modern. As to the pointed question, 'Would you buy the older L100? Like these classic cars, usage would only be occasional to preserve their original condition; but also to have a moment to enjoy the qualities that made these creations so very special the first time around. In 2018, we are proud to bring you the JBL L100 Classic, a modern take on a time-honored legend. Here's a picture of one of the beautifully made woofers. Even so, I'm enough of an anachrophile to admit my '67 Sgt Pepper's album is laced with layers of powerful nostalgic emotions my Anniversary edition lacks. Now, that was a deal clincher for countless rock devotees who decided they'd like to take a pair of L100s home. StereoNET (Australia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group (Australia). All Rights Reserved. Introduced at CES in 1970, the L-100 was built upon the strength of JBL’s highly successful 4310 studio monitors. As they stand now, this is one of the greatest values in all of audio, let alone vintage JBL. Just like the auto-racing philosophy of selling on Monday what you ran on Sunday, the audio enthusiast of 1973 saw the L-100 as something to aspire to, including yours truly. Period. His husky vocals, accompanied by the warmth and sweetness of his gut stringed guitar made the sun feel warmer than it was. But hey, the L100 was entertaining. But one album above all others gave me the most pleasure using the new L100's. The salvaging of audio's most important models of yesteryear brings more than a few tears to their eyes, but it's also a cause for celebration. JBL 123A-1 12 inch Alnico From Jbl C 70,L88,L100 ,4310,4311. I have both editions of this pop music masterpiece and can assuredly say that sonically, the Anniversary edition trounces my '67 vinyl copy by that proverbial country mile, and then some. Days passed. C $113.39. Buy It Now. He only wrote one. Check out the full range of JBL products at JBL Australia official website. Over the years, the L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL’s history. There's one for the midrange and another for the high-frequency driver. This was a new ball game. In 2018, we are proud to bring you the JBL L100 Classic, a modern take on a time-honored legend. New and old. A steady stream of audiophile buddies pulled out some mighty superlatives after they heard the L100's playing in my listening room. After enjoying the sound for several weeks, I know what he means. Yes, of course, I know only too well that possessing an original MC275, SPU, Decca, LS35/A, NS1000 or L100 isn't the same thing as owning a contemporary equivalent. So long L100's. Then I played it through the L100's. A "Classic" Reborn: JBL's All-New L100 Classic Loudspeaker. 15 sold. As the album title suggests, this is Ry Cooder, son Joachim on drums, a trio of gospel singers and a huge cast of deeply talented musicians playing “God's Music”. So, (deep appreciative breath here) it was hardly a surprise to learn JBL was poised to makeover its best-ever selling speaker called the L-100. As for calling the L100 a 'bookshelf' model? Moreover, and despite the babble of reactionary audiophiles who will always tell you the original is best, each of these redesigned models addresses and improves on the glitches of the older models it celebrates. The first thing I did was to remove the drivers and store them away. I thought I knew what this recording had on offer. Last one. Orders less than $3000 qualify for 6 months interest free. C $256.07. And the update is definitely successful. Which Opus do I hear you ask? They were fun as well. Any comparison with the older L100 is superfluous. Two potentiometers for controlling the output level of the tweeter and mid. JBL The L100 Classic's drivers are newly designed. Over the years, the L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL’s history. Now reason and logic had returned, I had to ask myself why the JBL L100's were so good. It can make a silk purse out of an audio sow's ear and moreover, it can endow an ordinary component with a lustre it doesn't deserve. How clever of me. JBL's answer was the 4310, and later the 4311. You can find an example of a newer design at the end of this article. Was it a matter of tonal purity? 21 product ratings - Two New JBL L-100 Black Grille Grilles Inserts Huntley Audio Reproductions . Pre-Owned. Two New JBL L-100 Dark Tan Grille Grilles Inserts Huntley Audio Reproductions . Read More Less . Two New JBL L-100 Grilles White Grille Inserts Huntley Audio Reproductions . The T3 is also far rarer than the original 100, with a manufacturing run of '89-'90 (I think). Studio speakers in the '60s the calibre of JBL's 4320 and its rival, Altec's 604 were big primarily because studios had space for them. It remains one of the most popular speakers due to sturdy construction and high quality components which combined to produce great sound. True or not, and I think it's highly likely to be accurate, the fact remains that the L100 went on to take the credit for its part in the Blown Away ad. The power of this realisation forced me to cease reviewing, cease listening. And I guess that makes me a dreamer too. Because that's all, he needed to say in that genre. CD SACDs 15. 21 product ratings - Two New JBL L100 Light Tan Grille Inserts from Huntley Audio. It's also an excellent segue to the reborn JBL Classic 100s, recently unboxed in my music room and quietly burning-in, there. Except it isn't. Orders are dispatched every Tuesday & Friday. But as multi-tracking and the need for larger consoles grew, so did the need for a smaller speaker that could be used as a nearfield, compact monitor on top of a console. Turns out it may not be. So, (deep appreciative breath here) it was hardly a surprise to learn JBL was poised to makeover its best-ever selling speaker called the L-100. JBL L100. Over the years, the L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL’s history. By now you'd have realised that I regard the L100 as the complete speaker with all the musical prowess we've come to expect from a contemporary high-end speaker. The price is also substantial at $8,499 RRP per pair plus an additional $599 for the matching JBL stands - which by the way, support the L100's superbly. DVD movies Blu-Ray 19. In the UK, Decca cartridges have been reborn much to the satisfaction of the legion of admirers who adore what this legendary cartridge can bring to a turntable. Days filled pleasurably listening to a bundle of albums played through the L100's. Re-issued models are like manna from heaven for history conscious audiophiles. And why not? If it makes you think of Chuck Berry, you'll be on the money. Tweeters and mid drivers Crossovers, if you can call them crossovers. While retaining the appearance of the earlier JBLs, the new L100 Classics update the SOUND of the speakers in myriad ways. Thank you, I'll take the lot. Then I began to laugh at myself. DVD-Audio Blu-Ray-Audio 0. They could also do jazz, but the bottom line was, their forte was rock. In the 21st Century, we are proud to bring you the JBL L100 Classic, a modern take on a time-honoured legend. But I can't go past the orange colour 'cos it's the one that screams '70's Audio'. Register; Login; Place an Ad Free for hobbyists! The L100 was too raucous and unrelenting for all the other genres. Buy It Now +$26.50 shipping. Review sessions in my listening room are always compiled using at least a dozen albums. Read More Less . Browse all Hardware Ads; Browse categories; Software . But above all the L100's timing and ability to communicate the performer's message will allow you to experience what Cooder wants to convey. As for a chance to own an original McIntosh MC275 again? Compared to the UK's most popular vehicle in 1972 called the Ford Cortina MKIII, the US vehicle was GINORMOUS! But my lawyer mate Michael, a veteran audiophile with sharp ears and an analytical mind expressed it best when he described the L100's as 'A complete speaker'. The LP or CD to exemplify this nearly mystical quality the great speakers have over the less well-endowed models is Beethoven's Violin Concerto. We will contact you if this is the case. Check out … Yamaha also took note. Especially sporting its retro, bright orange Quadrex foam grill cover. JBL offers an optional stand for the L100 Classic, which raises the speaker from the ground just enough to be effective, and angles it upwards ever so slightly. I pondered how they engage with each other to give the folk in those homes and ourselves access to avenues of sublime beauty. The JBL L100 Classic introduced last year, according to JBL's literature, "is not a "retro speaker, but a modern speaker built to modern specifications", although it is a "modern take on the time-honored legend".