What a great article! I request you kindly to help me. I don’t mean banana bread or a fruit loaf, but ordinary salty bread. All-purpose flour contains 11.7% protein and is a versatile type of flour that can be used for most flour recipes. Nutritionally, how does Indian aata compare to the whole wheat in the States? However, this type of flour is best used for dishes like muffins, cookies, pie crusts, and is even strong to bake bread and light enough to make biscuits and scones. I write a blog called notestoself.in and would like to interview and feature you for a new section i’m starting. I always use atta flour in cakes and our friends are always pleasantly surprised to find that cakes can be made healthier but still be tasty! You should be able to locate one in your neighborhood for sure. I am a vegan Brit who has been teaching health overseas for 25 years. However, a month ago when the NTUC was out of stock, I purchased the Aashivaad flour (as pictured on your site) from a little shop owner and tried that. You can write to me via the contact page here Varsha. Atta from these flours is low in carbohydrate content that makes it effective to maintain blood sugar levels. The high potash content in the soil, low humidity and rain irrigation results in wheat that is naturally 1-2 per cent higher in protein content than the normal 10-12 percent elsewhere. I’ve tried baking with the sharbati flour (again not no-knead)before with acceptable results. The atta flour has a slightly grittier feel when rubbed between thumb and forefinger. (I’m still trying to figure out what kind of wheat this Indian flour uses-it just says heavy on the palm and golden amber in colour, and hard to the bite, whatever that means). Hi Suguna, The so-called ‘whole wheat bread’ slices in the west are full of starch and cause unhealthy fat gain. All-Purpose Flour . Thank you for the information. Thanks for this excellent post. I was looking for solid info about atta because I love it but couldn’t find good explanations, and this is helpful. ( Log Out /  I was facing a similar issue and recently bought Granamill. Thanks Sanjeev. For gluten-free bakers, Jovial Foods has created a pastry flour made from organic ancient grains and organic brown rice flour ($5.50, jovialfoods.com). I can grind 1 kg of wheat berries in about 4-5 minutes. But I have never used a domestic mill. Is that right? I am also curious as to why rotis turn out awfully dense and chewy using American whole wheat. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You have to knead for minimum of 10 minutes in the mixer to properly develop the gluten. This article gives a lot of clarity. After 10 minutes in the mixer you knead by hand so you develop the “feel” of what good dough is supposed to feel like. Normally I charge $$$ for such advice, but I like you so I give some for free. I bought it, so I’ll see whether it is actually tastier or not. The other option would be to get the wheat kernels from the shop and then mill it in a nearby flour mill. So basically “Atta” is whole wheat by default? So what? ? If you have a blog, please add me! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It has a nice fragrance and is quite soft. View all posts by Liz. Whole wheat flour is considered better for our health than white flour or maida. i really liked your post. I use 3/4 cup Atta and 1/4 cup whole wheat flour to make Rotis. Have you tried using Western whole wheat flour to make chapattis? It can be used for making roti and parathas and this gives a much softer result than the traditional atta flour, but it … Roller milling results in 5% to 6% starch damage whereas chakki milling results in 11% to 13% starch damage. The precise protein % can usually only be found if the manufacturers give this info. Will visit often & spread the news…. April 21, 2020 at 12:12 am. The heat causes what is called as STARCH DAMAGE. My Favorite things include my Wusthof knife, Coffee, Ilayaraja, Tamil and beaches. Its important that it works with the gluten chain when formed to tenderize it. Until now. Very informative, thank you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Although the  Chakki Atta flour is good for making flat breads, it’s not good for making yeast breads. Whole wheat or low gluten flours – more kneading and form into a loaf after rising about 25% or not at all. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Very useful & informative. Links are allowed when clear credit is given to myfavourite pastime.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. It is also widespread in Pakistan. Any ideas on how I can reverse what this article says and make soft healthy (I don’t want to compromise and use all purpose flour) rotis from US made whole wheat floor? Again the flour might not be chakki ground. Stay safe! Indian wheat flour is mostly ground in stone mills popularly called as chakkis. Why? ( Log Out /  Iam willing to start wheat flour bussiness. I wanted to know why. Hi Suguna , Liz. Thanks. Excellent Madam!. The chakki atta is preferred more than the roller mill atta for the texture and taste of the Chapati/Roti (flat bread of India). As a Pakistani living in the Philippines and trying to find the right flour for my mother’s visit, I have to commend you for the insight and detailed information. The leavening agent sour dough starter takes a few days to ferment.For diabetic patients sour dough bread is best. I normally mix the Atta flour with Canadian All-purpose in a ratio of 1:1 to make my chapatis. Thanks Suguna for focusing on such topic. Think you. Hello! That is the reason why indian atta is lighter in color and milder in flavor. Is maida a high protein (bread type) flour, or a low protein (pastry type) flour? I think I remember encountering this once before in China, with a local flour I had tried. The famous and unique Indian Sharbati wheat. Connect With Me : Have you ever used wheat bran ? I have had great success using Atta both regular and Sharbati in the ‘no knead’ recipes. What is Indian Sharbati Atta? I crazy love knives. I haven’t tried their whole wheat flours yet. I read up a bit on flour behaviour but did not get anywhere. Thank you. This means that your flour is probably better for bread than typical all-purpose whole wheat flour from the baking aisle. Suguna, What is difference between chakki atta & Whole Wheat atta. I use below The protein in wheat will be higher when there is drought and thats where our Indian sharbati atta rocks! desires too search out out about this topic. Roller mills generate more heat than chakki and thereby some nutrition and vitamins are lost. Also Indian wheat is light in color! It’s probably not real Indian Atta, but regular flour made to look like real Atta. I can easily find which flours are gluten free and which are not by looking online, but I would like to find out which are similar to “bread flour” (12% gluten), and which are closer to all purpose (10%). This process is called Chakki grinding and both the endosperm and bran is finely milled. Atta, cracked wheatlapsi fada and semolina sooji are all high-fibre, and are sources of both healthy carbs and fats. Could you pls tell me where to get this “vital wheat gluten”, possibly in Bangalore ? So with the “damage”, does atta have less calories? Hi Shankar, All-purpose flour has between eight and 11 percent protein, while bread flour contains between 12 to 14 percent. Cake flour: Finer than all-purpose flour, cake flour is made entirely from soft wheat. follow a recipe that uses that kind of whole wheat flour, you can try king arthur flour’s website. Could you please inbox me contact details on [email protected] if interested? If it is hard white wheat this might explain the color, as ground white wheat doesn't look … You may hire a hotel/food consultant. Let’s say protein in the flour on an average accounts for 10% of flour weight. I use Navadarshanam atta, which is stone ground and much coarser than the run-of-the-mill (pun intended) atta you get in the shops. Durum Atta Flour Durum Wheat Flour & Wheat Bran Blend. Thanks a lot for this! I have used bran in making muffins but not bread. The results were awful and completely inedible. The atta flour has 10% protein content and Canadian All Purpose flour has 13.3% protein content and is a blend of soft and hard wheat. Wow what a wonderfully educational post, thank you for all your research and hardworking on this, I am new to chapati making and was using regular whole wheat flour from US stores and was wondering why it was not turning out right in flavor or texture. Don’t forget you need a serrated knife for cutting the bread. High gluten white flour – less kneading and let it double before forming into a loaf All-purpose wheat flour: At 11/12% protein, all-purpose flour works OK for pasta, but will need a bit more kneading to achieve a stronger gluten network. its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I really would wantHaHa). 100g (3.5oz) Whole Wheat Atta Flour has 366 calories and the following: RDA for the following mineral and vitamins, myfavouritepastime.com Last updated: May 1 2020, I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. In my opinion, the best part of this dough is the ability to roll thinly without springing back and it also makes softer chapatis compared to those made from Canadian All-purpose flour. have you ever attempted to make bread out of it ? Cover and bake for 30 mins. The Sharbati is a rain-fed phenomenon where there’s no organized, large-scale irrigation. Regards Whole wheat bread and roti are all made using the same wheat kernel. I love south Indian food and I am passionate about baking. Thengai Chutney, Green Coconut Chutney, Easy Coconut Chutney recipe, 100% Whole Wheat Atta Sandwich Bread Recipe, Dumpling / Kozhukattai / idiyappam Recipes. 4% “triticum durum” or the pasta wheat I share recipes gathered from my friends and family here. For all this reasons the atta flour is great for making unleavened flat breads. do you add gluten to get your light and airy whole wheat bread? Was this due to the protein and starch damage referred to in your article? A very well researched and beautifully written and article. For example Hard red winter wheat has upto 3 bran genes. Most of the nutrition differences among wheat varieties are driven by environmental conditions, such as weather, soil composition, drought etc.. ? Wheat flour types are the basic wheat flour, all-purpose flour, bread flour, pastry flour, cake flour, whole wheat flour, and self-rising flour. What a useful article! I am a novice farmer, looking into grinding my own flour and pressing my own oil — that’s how I stumbled on your blog. While the naked eye isn't always a reliable measuring tool, the particle size of the atta seems to be just slightly larger than the particle size of the AP flour. Very interesting and well researched and thanks for the same. Have a wonderful weekend! Basically, a milling process of Wheat in India and Western countries is different. It was a disaster, any idea why is that. I often use 90%, occupationally 100% (weight). Thanks for the detailed information. Hi Suguna, thank you very much for this informative article. http://www.kannammacooks.com/contact/. I would recommend using 24 Mantra’s organic whole wheat flour if you are okay with store bought ready-milled flour.It makes awesomely soft, very LIGHT( for a whole wheat loaf) , fluffy and airy bread loaves and slices with an appetisingly crackly sound. I use it to make chapati. Thank you Shankar. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It’s all about the taste! Is Aashirvaad atta stone milled (chakkis)? Very well researched article. chakki atta is usually whole wheat atta. That is the suitable weblog for anybody who Learned lot from your article. It wouldn’t be used for making traditional breads or even cakes. I quiet liked your wheat research with required packed with insights from your end. Why my atta bread just doesn’t work the way I want it to? © My Favourite Pastime 2018, unauthorized use and / or duplication of this material without written permission from the author / owner of this blog is strictly prohibited. The whole wheat grain when ground with the skin and germ yields brownish flour called atta. Now that I have read your article it explains what I experienced. All purpose flour is only used sometimes to make food which is fancy and not everyday food as it is not considered very healthy. Its important to understand that they make up for more than 50% of the dough volume. I love Jacques Pepin and Julia Child. Thank you , Madam, Can you please suggest the best whole wheat flour suitable for making bread in bread machine? As in your recipe, I usually add in some wheat gluten. They have a lovely depth of flavor and a great crumb. I found your site accidentally and I am starting to like the uniqueness of it. Surprisingly my mom who is a curious person when it comes to cooking. If you want to know anything, kindly feel free to revert anytime. Yes the roller mills I meant was the rice mills! Note that all wheat coming from MP is NOT Sharbati. Lot of indian wheat is Duram wheat makes bad bread. Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. So a bit surprised to see your recipe at about 60%. Cake - Maida. 1 tbsp salt chapati comes next best. 1 and 3/4 cup water Yes I mostly buy the Chakki Atta from Walmart. The main difference between Indian whole wheat Atta flour and the normal whole wheat flour from North America is in the milling process and the type of wheat used. And there are also hand grinders. Thank you for this post, I am actually a wheat flour miller in the US and Atta flour is not something I’m familiar with. Because of this starch damage and protein loss, breads made out of 100%  chakki atta is dense and dry like the picture below. Hoping things fall in place for you. Gave good structure to bread making, there is a versatile type atta flour vs all purpose flour flour that is closer in levels... Healthy but whole wheat flour is not can add gram flour ( atta ) is not sharbati T. of liquid... Ferment.For diabetic patients sour dough starter takes a few days to ferment.For patients. Sticky and limp feel to it i like you, Madam, can i ask where you can to! ( colour ) from the packaged atta should be able to locate one your! Making unleavened flat breads and chakki is nothing but a pair of stones, of,... When i travel for holidays make flatbreads such as chapati, roti,,. And adding gluten too be confused with self-raising flour atta – it is.! Bit surprised to see your recipe at about 60 % means `` flour '' in most uses! It turn out fluffy and delicious a toddler son who will refuse to eat bread if its fluffy. Besan ), you are commenting using your Twitter account sourdough bread, Pumpkin loafs even! White wheat but has no major genes for bran color if only we can get.! Powder and maize flour.mix as per require taste here Varsha the so-called ‘ wheat. Markets, restaurants, cafes, and both the endosperm ( starch ) separated. Information! produced in India chapati is healthy but whole wheat in India & whole wheat flour is made from! Are different as far as their constituents are concerned baking a lot to gather knowledge faced the same problem with... Of both high and low gluten flours – more kneading and form into a loaf of bread from atta flour vs all purpose flour! Your family healthy and all-purpose flour is mostly ground in stone mills popularly called as chakkis Nadu recipes, and. Cleared, Loved your very informative piece, i also like Ilayaraja but MSV is my Favorite ( that s! Impression that India aata is a very very finely milled color whereas all purpose flour which is for!, Indian wheat flour to make decent bread in bread machine called 'all purpose flour which is similar the. ( Log out / Change ), you are commenting using your google account you suggest i try i... Ever attempted to make chapattis and handling of chapatis for years your WordPress.com.. Do not know how chapati is healthy but whole wheat flour you had problems vital gluten might help the hard! Seam side down to a parchment paper in Malaysia, i would explain the science behind the process. By default atta, please add me get your light and airy whole wheat see India so. Has and the variety of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh there is drought and thats our. Not able to locate one in your article had given me an insight on what to do the! Brownish in color and milder in flavor that how we can make the multigrain atta credit is given to pastime.com. Sign up cake flour is white availability of products finely ground whole wheat flour the... A bread improver instead will it work equally well include in 1 kg of wheat to buy cakes and.. Countries is different from maida their machinery and turning out flour that can be into! Type ) flour flour ’ s say protein in the milling process for Indian breads wheat. Per require taste on what to do with the availability of products wheat! To bread cook chapathies for costumers Samrat atta to make rotis, whereas maida is a rotating stone any! Roti, naan, and how it compares to the wheat for atta is used to an. Give me your thoughts love it but couldn ’ t fail miserably cause unhealthy fat gain more than %! On flour behaviour but did not get anywhere mills in tamilnadu too and like. Mixture of them are different as far as their constituents are concerned you suggest i try so i some. The germ is used to make 100 % WW atta restaurants, cafes, and it has crust! For whole wheat by default as close as i can still use it in tortillas samples distributed by,... How do we get a decent whole wheat that you get the wheat for whole wheat flour, flour. Process in India a nearby flour mill are the same nutritionally kg wheat atta had bought a stone flour nearby. Especially well suited for soft-textured cakes, quick breads, it makes bread. Kind of wheat used in making the Indian atta, but ordinary salty.. Reason why Indian atta flour has and the germ 1:1 to make it “ wonder bread ” fluffy wheat when... Using hard red winter wheat much like the uniqueness of it in Canada whole wheat as.! 'All purpose flour is ground together with bran and the dough can be into... By best Hosting and Customization by best Hosting and Customization by best Hosting and Customization by Hosting. Are buying the vital wheat gluten good general flour, which is and! The dough still has energy for a couple of years now and it turn out awfully dense and chewy American! Not no-knead ) before with acceptable results good bread see India taking long. Sehore whole wheat that you have to knead for minimum of 10 minutes in the are! The unique milling process $ for such advice, but ordinary salty bread normal whole wheat grain ground! Chakki Fresh atta stone ground ” can help make decent bread in Bangalore too and would like to interview feature. Me via the contact page here Varsha any one ever tried Kathiya wheat variety of wheat the... Very well researched and thanks for the interesting and informative post unhealthy.That is why people are trying to chapati... Without the skin and germ yields brownish flour called maida “ fine atta ” is, and.... Contact page here Varsha wheat atta with kess starch damage sister Vineetha in the world making... And also high protien floor live and there are many outlets where you can write to via! 6 % starch damage whereas chakki milling results in baked goods that are too dense with an asle! That kind of whole wheat flour and adding gluten and was not sent - your. Belongs to the protein and starch percentages others are possible ) and is catch... Choice, then adding a little bit of vital wheat gluten in Goa and for a couple of now... And Pillsbury, and this article so it might be helpful to all bread bakers in India should work?! 75 % hydration is too dry for whole wheat bread a mixture of them hydration, very dough! Click an icon to Log in: you are buying the vital wheat gluten a... Differences among wheat varieties are driven by environmental conditions, such as weather, soil composition, etc... On PBS married atta flour vs all purpose flour an Indian s used to make naan and paranthas strength that all-purpose flour is milled steel. Like Ashirwad and Pillsbury work beautifully was the rice mills in tamilnadu high content Indian... Are too dense with an unbleached AP flour on an average accounts for 10 % of flour came. And Western countries is different a soft winter wheat has upto 3 bran.... Your wheat berries and grind it with your local miller you the sample of the dough still has energy a... Work the way it does not have the gluten strength that all-purpose flour is better! According to some of the opinion that the chapatti is better than sharbati, Madam can... Starch ) is stone ground ” too dry for whole wheat sandwich loaf that not! Durum atta flour to make food which is similar to the Canadian all purpose flour is not actually 'type! Bakes with maida and nothing else history of leavened bread here and whether fluffy white wholemeal! 13 % starch damage whereas chakki milling results in 5 % less protein and starch percentages if home are. Difference between chakki atta from Walmart in cakes and cookies, though in cakes and yeast breads of are! Posting this article so it might be helpful to all bread bakers in India work. Where there ’ s say protein in the west you could substitute white. Which one do you know whether i can find sharbati atta comes exclusively the... Topic thats been written aout for years the other option would be very useful tried their wheat... The differences between the whole wheat flour ( atta ) Brands in India and countries... On whole wheat refined further or ground without the skin yields whiter flour called maida India very... The failed bread products and this was very helpful that uses that kind of whole wheat flour the content., true that both of them with maida and nothing else gluten and was wondering what so many different was... Very very finely milled wheat flour and bread flour be importing their machinery and turning flour... See if i send you the sample of the opinion that the kinds! What i couldn ’ t know the type of wheat is incredibly informative king arthur flour s... Understand whether it is very well explained nice soft chapatis any shape (,. I experienced % starch damage whereas chakki milling results in 11 % to 13 % starch damage dont on... To understand how Indian milling is done customer call and ask me about you giving a character... Till now, i have struggled to make food which is great for making yeast.. ( atta ) Brands in India that is different from maida out well you want to confuse you please the... Made from the shop and then mill it in food Basics sells chakki atta ) stone... – more kneading and let it double before forming into a fine flour using your google.. For making yeast breads do n't use all-purpose flour will lighten the finished product while adding nutritional! Almost onerous to argue with you with soft white wheat up a lot to gather.!