Sprigs of dill, chopped finely Slice the cucumber and radishes into thin rounds using a mandoline, a knife, or a Norwegian cheese grater. Sprinkel the parsley at the top and let it sit for another hour before … It is a quickly pickled cucumber salad, often served with fish, such as laks (salmon) or makrell (mackerel). Immediately pour the vinegar mixture over the salted cucumbers. A simple Norwegian potato salad is typically dressed up in a mayonnaise and sour cream based sauce and topped with scallions or chives. This is an old recipe for Norwegian Cucumber salad. He will only eat Cucumber Salad that is made the Norwegian way which has with sugar added. The Chew: Norwegian Salmon. Layer the cucumber sprinkling sugar between each layer. Serving Size 13 oz. Directions. Time: 2.5 hour The co-hosts of The Chew were in Orlando, Florida for the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in Walt Disney World, and Carla Hall. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, then sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve. Required fields are marked *, All content on this web site, such as text and images is the property of ©FoodNorway Theme by. Cakes and baking. Get full Norwegian Cucumber Salad - Epcot Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Calories 531 Fat Cal. Add the vingegar and stir well. Mix vinegar, water, sugar, salt and white pepper in a small bowl. //-->