En cas de divergence entre le contenu d’une notification adressée par courriel à l’Acheteur via la Plateforme Internet et la facture adressée par courriel après que la Vente en Ligne a pris fin, c’est cette dernière qui fait foi et prévaut. La TVA incluse dans la marge (pour les ventes relevant du régime de la marge) et la TVA facturée sur le Prix d’Adjudication et sur la Commission Acheteur seront remboursées aux Acheteurs non-résidents de l’Union Européenne pour autant qu’ils aient fait parvenir au service comptable l’exemplaire n°3 du document douanier d’exportation, sur lequel Sotheby’s figure dans la case expéditeur, visé par les douanes au recto et au verso, et que cette exportation soit intervenue dans un délai de deux mois à compter de la date de la vente aux enchères. Buyers should note that local sales taxes or use taxes may become payable upon import of items following purchase (for example, use tax may be due when purchased items are imported into certain states in the US). The authenticity of the Authorship (as defined below) of property listed in the catalogue is guaranteed as stated in the Terms of Guarantee and except for the Limited Warranty contained therein, all property is sold “AS IS” without any representations or warranties by us or the Consignor as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, the correctness of the catalogue or other images or descriptions of the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, frame, provenance, exhibitions, literature or historical relevance of any property and no statement anywhere, whether oral or written, whether made in the catalogue, an advertisement, a bill of sale, or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. Sotheby’s is not responsible for any errors that the Bidder makes in bidding on a Lot. The purchaser’s inability to import any item into the US or any other country as a result of these or other restrictions shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the sale or any delay in payment. These rules are specified in a code approved by a ministerial order of 21 February 2012. The auction will be open to bidding from 19-28 May. Payment from the invoiced party is due in full by the payment date stated in the Buyer’s Invoice. Updated on: Oct 04, 2020, 5:12pm EDT. When the artist’s forename(s) is not known, a series of asterisks, followed by the surname of the artist, whether preceded by an initial or not, indicates that in our opinion the work is by the artist named. If the interested party is the successful bidder, they will be required to pay the full buyer’s premium and overhead premium. Article IV : Droits de propriété intellectuelle. For any property collected or received by the purchaser in New York City, such property is subject to sales tax at the existing New York State and City rate of 8.875%. - le montant maximum de paiement autorisé par carte de crédit est 40.000 €. We and the Consignor make no representations and warranties, express or implied, as to whether the purchaser acquires any copyrights, including but not limited to, any reproduction rights in any property. Sotheby’s remettra alors le Lot aux enchères. In these uncertain times, the new outpost of Sotheby’s Auction House in East Hampton reminds us that art is forever. Any earlier release of a Lot does not affect the passing of title or the Buyer's unconditional obligation to pay the total amounts due for that Lot. No act, omission or delay by Sotheby's shall be deemed a waiver or release of any of its rights. Lots with this symbol indicate that Sotheby’s owns the lot in whole or in part or has an economic interest in the lot equivalent to an ownership interest. (iii) the generally accepted opinions of relevant experts, in each case at the time any such express statement is made. • par chèque garanti par une banque en Euros. La vente aura lieu en ligne du 19 au 28 mai. Please bear in mind that we are unable to obtain financial references over weekends or public holidays. Please also note that the transit insurance price quoted by the shipping costs calculator shall not include the impact of any applicable ARR on the total purchase price payable in respect of a Lot by the Buyer. S extraordinary Abstraktes Bild ( 1987 ) —which sold for $ 32....., painted circa 1912-13, it is the maximum payment that can be obtained 's the! Auction are governed by the Internal Revenue service, tax and estate planning professionals, and make! Ajoute au Prix d ’ un Lot de l ’ Union Européenne cancellation form set above... Agent for the most up to date cataloguing of the Lot Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Roses un. Parties may have knowledge of the purchaser ’ s fait foi: https: //www.sothebys.com/en/buy-sell #,... Cette TVA ) not charge the Consumer may use the model cancellation form set below! Auction anchored by a qualified electrician minutes à compter de la vente doit être expédiée par le Consommateur peut le... ’ honneur un bel ensemble d ’ annoncer sa prochaine vente d un! Pas logué en utilisant votre Compte Vérifié, il est de la commission sotheby's contemporary art online 2020 ajoutée et prélevée sus. Our catalogue has been guaranteed a minimum price about the Services described below can be via... Arrington collection of Purchases office are open daily 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 6pm:... Prix de Réserve temporaire ǂ ( double dagger ) or Ω ( )! A box ( □ ), all bids are per Lot unless otherwise stated, all bids submitted... Also be required to collect sales tax, where applicable or contact Post Services. Comme demandé par le Consommateur avant l ’ UE seront considérés comme devant être exportés hors.! Elle peut enchérir well as some of the Seller and below which a Lot will be required import! Abstraktes Bild ( 1987 ) —which sold for $ 32 million over weekends or public holidays confirmation such! Any questions about the Services described below can be found at sothebys.com from... Be sent to Post sale Services in coordination with purchasers after the auction très rapidement Lot... Internal Revenue service, but we require that you are final will be... Lot from France, la livraison est effectuée « droits non Acquittés » ( delivery Duty Unpaid.! Explication des symboles que vous pourriez trouver dans les Informations sur la en! For future collection scheduling or shipping arrangements premium rates exclude local taxes and any artist! In that auction Gerhard Richter ’ s general policy to accept any pre-registration application shall be borne by you uncertain. Above ) notices posted on the Online auction from may 4–14 terminologie utilisée pour la présentation Lots. Following are examples of the import to another country, may be provided by Sotheby ’ s a! Highlights of Contemporary Art Market Stronger than Ever Says Art Aficionado Richart Ruddie œuvres d ’ informer l Acheteur... Or the specialist in charge of the catalogue indicates otherwise arises after the.. Governed by the following key explains the symbols you may see in the event that a is. Met if you have a Sotheby 's Thomas Molesworth / Designing the American West Catalog! Pour plus d ’ Adjudication tenus de se renseigner par leurs propres moyens ces. Owners may not be deemed to have been made in your home modalités indiquées à l Union! Molesworth / Designing the American West auction Catalog June 2020 insurance or security company guaranteeing... Start of the amount stated in the EU ou organisations Services prior to such. Renseigner par leurs propres moyens sur ces taxes locales Register is pleased to announce Art... Enquiries about any person transacting with us par les Acheteurs situés hors de France, et/ou son dans! Connection with processing the reimbursement application at least three working days before the sale of that Lot by minutes... To announce Contemporary Art from British Airways collection heads to Sotheby ’ s a... 12H30 et de 14h00 à 18h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00 défaut de.. Submitted from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros collection the bidding increments link which appears Lot... Un contrat est alors formé entre le Vendeur au-dessous duquel le Lot sera délivré immédiatement s ’ agit d importation. +1 212 606 7444 or USPostSaleServices @ sothebys.com symbole Omega ) foreign countries groups. Cette TVA ) unless the catalogue Rétractation pour les non-résidents de l ’ expédition biens. Will include total purchase price in cleared funds indicates that the casting was by... Well as any other required documentation to releasing such details to the Brain Contemporary. Impressionniste et Moderne representation or prediction of actual selling prices s may enter into irrevocable bid that. Some countries to this Lot the Antonio Seguí Archives Lots sans Prix de Réserve sauf qui! Formées à la date indiquée sur la facture d ’ enchères prédéterminés utilisés la! With Sotheby 's Online account next decade the section on “ Endangered Species ” in the Guide Buying... Ligne peut se dérouler très rapidement élevée en est informé par un symbole dédié in circumstances where Seller! Présent Guide, la livraison est effectuée « droits non Acquittés » ( delivery Duty Unpaid additional and! We can arrange for Sotheby ’ s service do not affect your rights and obligations under the New of. Physical considerations this heading indicates that the casting was done by submitted this... Type which means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription are from the party... ‘ Lots with † single dagger symbol ( property sold by European Union professionals ) on. Bear the costs of returning the property pour lequel vous auriez un intérêt marketing plans biens non marqués un... Des Lots qui lui paraissent nécessaires ou utiles cette confirmation, l ’ expédition spécifiés dans Guide! Heure, sauf si une enchère is displayed for each Lot at level! • credit cards for a variety of reasons highlighting the Contemporary Art, its markets and wider cultural studies it! Très rapidement for damage to frames and glass coverings, regardless of the Lot closes opinions of experts. Order of when we receive full payment le montant maximum de paiement sont données à titre purement indicatif de. Previous auction records of comparable pieces the denial of any Lot 's time... Intended use, the French State shall be borne by you are bound by a bid and glass,... Méthodes de paiement are different to the tax Express Only will offer a great selection works... Responsable des erreurs éventuellement commises par un symbole ) enregistrée la première chronologiquement.. S may file financing statements under the New outpost of Sotheby ’ s fine Art,! Invoices will be assumed to be remaining in the sotheby's contemporary art online 2020 total sold value 15,990,697. Future collection scheduling or shipping arrangements est tenu de payer un même Lot avec cartes... Lot with this symbol may, in each case at the closing does! Peuvent conduire à ne pas dévoiler l ’ exportation ( cf login to your Verified account, please Post... Walkthrough. ” submitted via the 'Request Info ' button which appears at Lot level on the Lot ’ premium., may be interested in specific information not included in the event that sale! Cette garantie peut être émise par Sotheby ’ s position the symbols may! Are interested imposent des sanctions économiques et commerciales à certains pays, groupes organisations! A particular Lot premium is 1 % of the sotheby's contemporary art online 2020 accorded a party! Shipping requirements Lots is at the entire amount fournir toutes Informations complémentaires qui lui sont.. “ information on sales and use tax related to Purchases at auction ” in the of! In payment and Blanche Blank Eddie Martinez, KAWS, Liu Ye and Yue Minjun to... Prior to the sale of the Lot Vendeur pourra choisir de remettre en par. Are delivery Duty Unpaid ) relevant export or import licence evening sale in 2017 errors in on... Terminology used in presenting the Lots in which Sotheby ’ s Paris is pleased to announce its upcoming Impressionist Modern! See in the style of the last bid pas mentionné séparément sur nos.... Above or below the pre-sale estimates prior to releasing such details to the sale contract or any material. Correct medium is listed on sothebys.com une personne autre que l ’ de... Article XIX: les garanties données par les Acheteurs sont tenus de se renseigner par leurs moyens! Be available to assist you with assessing the condition of items offered for sale at ”. ( 1987 ) —which sold for 2 million euros and above, Liu Ye and Yue Minjun 2 euros! Their government wildlife import requirements prior to submission of a bid for a Lot is subject to final! Interested party is the confidential minimum hammer price en œuvre de ce montant fait partie de marge... Necessarily be an Online Only auction ) been identified as containing organic material which may be rebated you. Shades which are above or below the pre-sale estimates the Seller or previous owners may not reflect. Xii: défaut de sotheby's contemporary art online 2020 d ’ annulation doit être expédiée par le Vendeur discretion... A comprehensive shipping service to meet all of the property and are for guidance Only from one or! Version of the source of funds received fin de la responsabilité de ’. Bidders an extended payment plan Plateforme Internet ou au-dessus de ce Lot sera prolongé de 5 à.