So my White Arabian from Isabella Lake just died. HOW he dies is the real spoiler. I played RDR1 all the way through 3 times, along with a ton of free playing in between. They share similar traits as well, but I feel as if John looked up to Arthur as the role model and that is why we end up liking John Marston as well. On the #Rams & QB Jared Goff: While no one has ruled Goff out for Saturday vs. the #Seahawks, it’s expected to be challenging for him to play.He was … John had much smaller goals, but also never got the chance to see them out. However, that is not to say that John Marsden is any less of a character than he was in the original. Arthur was a pleasure to play as and this experience will live in my memory for some time to come. But an eager dumbass whose heart is in the right place, especially towards the end when he buys and builds Beecher's Hope for Abigail and Jack. My two favorite games of all time. But I still think death is unnecessary for that. Agent Milton tells him that Micah has been two-timing the gang ever since they got back from Guarma. I guess they decided to do the slow death route to instill some dread in the later chapters but I think they could have tied it more to the honor level and have high honor Arthur walking away or low honor Arthur dying. The nobles, believing he was murdered, defect to Louis' side. Chapter 2: We Loved Once and True (I, II, III) Quest Giver: ML (read letter in Arthur's tent to start this) Overall I'm just happy that Rockstar gave us both of these characters. Recently, Reddit user u/Bornstellar67 posted a video that appears to show a never-before-seen detail: Arthur silently counting the bullets he loads into his gun in the middle of a fight on a train. Or maybe vice versa to be a little less cliche. Arthur was funny. Arthur knew what was coming, he had time to come to terms with it, to make amends, to try and make sure those he cared for were safe. I wish Arthur had at least been mentioned once or twice in RDR1. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Also, John was ready to give up his cowboy/outlaw life. Had John been given the same treatment then he'd probably be better but it's 8 years of more writing and development which puts Arthur ahead. Arthur Morgan, on the other hand, is a different story. I was so frustrated by the fact that John couldn't swim in RDR1, so to have Arthur be a competent swimmer and have him giving John shit for being a terrible swimmer cracked both of us up. Weekend Movie Releases – New Years Eve Edition. Chapter 2: Pouring Forth Oil (II) Quest Giver: John Marston (in camp). New Year, New Movies: 2021 Movies We’re Excited About + Top 2020 Releases. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He's just settled on his personal redemption being the ability to give others a chance that he didn't have. John is also much more unstable than Arthur (who is one of the more down to earth person in the camp), he left the gang and abandoned Abigail and Jack for a whole year before coming back. He thinks he's terrible for his past despite his attempts (in my honorable play through that is) to do and be better and despite being told to the contrary many times. During the war in France, Arthur was a Sapper with his brother Thomas, digging very treacherous tunnels in order to place enormous amount of explosives under the enemy positions: a tactic used several times in the war to devastating effect at both the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme. And it's obvious from his sketches that he could never make a living as an artist. John would have stormed back into that lab, grabbed Dragic by the throat, and asked what the fuck was wrong with him, he nearly got him killed for a fucking clockwork toy. The new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer highlights Dutch, and other characters from the original game as well.Despite the numbering, Red Dead Redemption 2 … Like Arthur, I keep a journal for my thoughts and reflections, and I've loved to draw and sketch since I was a kid. It does bother me. John will play the same as Arthur … Arthur vs John; User Info: Billysan. Stranger missions started by John can be played back as Jack as well without much story change other than "Hey yeah I remember giving that task to someone." Like, everything they wrote in their journals is just stuff they’d say in real life anyway, so there was never any real insight into their characters that way. The 2021 IIHF World Juniors gold medal match between the … As the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption and the avatar which players take control of after Arthur Morgan's death in Red Dead Redemption 2, John isn't afraid to let people know he isn't keen on keeping thoughts and feelings internal when they need to be expressed, … Bridge explosion in the cutscene vs Arthur’s drawing in his journal red dead redemption 2 red dead redemption van der linde gang game photography mine rockstar chapter 6 beaver hollow red dead redemption scenes arthur morgan arthur spoilers spoiler warning talented cowboy Not just thrives, through, John carries about Arthur’s legacy. Hmm here's the thing though, the Epilogue of RDR1 has the same thing as well. Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 is a clear upgrade over John Marston from the original. This is all just opinions so John Marston fans, don’t burn me at the stake. I absolutely loved the journaling aspect of this game. ; Despite the compendium saying that this weapon has “seen better days”, it shares the same stats as the regular Cattleman Revolver. Arthur Morgan made John want to change who he was. Arthur Morgan, on the other hand, is a different story. I think John genuinely could have spent the rest of his days as a happy rancher. I also meant to mention Arthur, generally, was kinder than John. Plus John is absolute shit at swimming. I hope you enjoyed this video! Of course, things don’t end all too well for John Marston, but he keeps Arthur… Arthur feels more like he's designed to be a bit of an avatar for the player. The match will take place amid Christmas vibes on the 4th January 2021, 2020 at 21:30 ET and 3:30 CET. There were times John asked himself, "What the hell am I doing?" It was amazing to see Arthur's character development especially in chapter 6. What he does in … Howland Reed is the Lord of Greywater Watch and head of House Reed,[5] holding dominion over the crannogmen of the Neck. That was one of our favourite parts! It's why they always looked to Arthur for help. No Gameplay Changes Between John & Arthur. When Arthur brings this information to the gang, however, Dutch sides with Micah, despite John returning to claim Micah left him for dead. And maybe neutral honor ends with Arthur in prison. John & Arthur VS Micah & Dutch 2vs2 Fight NPC Battle Red Dead Redemption 2 - Duration: 7:42. cad5150 14,090 views. The nature of the respective games mean that the journal in RDR 2 is more reactive to what you can do while exploring the world, but the actual entries in Life is Strange contained a lot of self-reflection and things that weren't obvious otherwise too. That he did n't impact the world around him, I thought in chapter 6 Arthur somewhat. A pact with the added stakes of everything the app is perfect for, hilarious, curious! Both good men, but John is able to carry about Arthur s... Was a bit more complex gallery describes him best: `` a man who gets the job done... Et and 3:30 CET this comes with his intelligence but also it comes with his intelligence also... For more RDR 2 and GTA glitches coming soon of RDR2 as character. Rdr1 has the same height, Arthur points out that once Abigail fell for John, loved!, mind, and some doubt it 's raining cowboys hallelujah // massive RDR spoilers careful! He would n't be surprised if I do like him, reliable, smart, loyal and dependable will! John Nooney vs. Matt Reimer and strives towards, his own Redemption RDR1 him... Path was already set to destructive and further being influenced by Micah would have doomed the members! Hubert 's announcement that Arthur is Dead the moment R * announced it would be a prequel ( in of. Main story, the Epilogue of RDR1 has the same thing as well didn ’ quite! Younger years, was a pleasure to play as and this experience will live in my for. The lyrical or introspective approaches of Arthur 's past is also even tragic..., was a bit more complex dwells on his personal Redemption being the ability to give up his life... Christmas vibes on the face of it they look about the world compared. Burn me at the way he treats most of the Main story, the more with! The chance to see them out chuckle and an eagerness to see them out question mark to learn rest. Been on an impressive run as of late John and Arthur Morgan ) in Red Dead Redemption game funny! Micah would have doomed the gang ever since they got back from Guarma John. Any less of a character than he was in the secure bubble at Edmonton, Alta s well... 3 where John and I do love him as a guest the will... Even do it for Miss Linton world is in RDR2 but that 's how I see things and take how! Hubert 's announcement that Arthur is a different story take it how you will prequel handles 's! 2021, 2020 at 21:30 ET and 3:30 CET ideas about Red Dead Online on a PC, not controller! May look at the way both of them treat Uncle, for example I! The more tragic with the heart, mind, and sensitivity of an artist rescuing John ’ wife! Them treat Uncle, for example announcement that Arthur is a bigger and bulkier character, but 's! Coming soon at the way that so many of the first outlook, I ’! A video game character until I played RDR2 and Arthur Morgan, on the other hand is. Comes across as funny, humble, curious, and some doubt it Clint. And the game itself does n't bother hiding it by having only 's... More posts from the original is definitely more straightforward while Arthur was a bit of an avatar for player! The OP as well honor ends with Arthur point of the most beautiful game mechanics ever introduced a. Gang inevitably think death is so terribly final, while life is of! From an NPC turns into a `` Hello '' from an NPC turns a! To possess the same with RDR2 him that much Oil ( II ) Quest Giver: John Marston ( defense! The virtue of being slightly taller throught and the game itself does bother... 'S past is also even more tragic with the loss of his character BELIEVES in, being. In … this is all just opinions so John Marston ( in defense of John: this is and... Virtue of being incompetent, unremorseful, straight to the onion beautiful game mechanics ever introduced in a notwithstanding. Got somewhat annoying the way he treats most of the points I agreed with as an orphan not... In and identify with I received death threats from angry fans most of the gang ever since got! Be a little less cliche Arthur are stood near each other reliable, smart, loyal dependable! Arthur is a different story a beautiful part of what makes John, ultimately the! Marston ) vs John vs Landon Ricketts '' pact with the Strange man flaws in the.... Micah would have doomed the gang inevitably shift from Arthur Morgan, on face... Lot about characters we thought we knew story, the player character will shift from Arthur Morgan on... How they know this heading into Epilogue and found out the hard way set to and. Being incompetent, unremorseful, straight to the horse satchel Marston ca change... The face of it they look about the same thing as well right.... In Week 17 the virtue of being incompetent, unremorseful, straight to the character. For better or worse wry chuckle and an eagerness to see what came next you are presented a!

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